Foo Fighters

I shot the Foo Fighters show at Acer Arena on friday night, but due to the strict contract I had to sign in order to shoot, all I can show is this view from the pit. It was the largest-capacity show I’ve ever taken photographs at – Acer Arena can hold approximately 20,000 people, and it looked like most of those seats were filled.

The camera is sitting in the middle of the runway that stretched out from the middle of the stage, which Dave Grohl spent the better part of the first three songs sprinting up and down. Both the sound and atmosphere were pretty incredible, I really wished I could have stayed for the entire show.

Photos will be in BRAG next week.



  1. draconian photo pass restrictions! so many threads on the flickr forums to this kinda thing.

    wish we got the brag down in wollongong. 😦

  2. Tim

    man, im just cut out of this photo!!
    any chance you could send me these photo’s at a later date??
    best night ever!

  3. willreichelt

    lucky – yeah, the restrictions were tighter than any other gig I’ve shot (with Ryan Adams a notable exception). I’m only allowed to display the photos once in relation to the particular gig, the band own the photos, and can use them anywhere else that they like without crediting me. Brilliant! I did get a front-row position to the first three songs of a pretty amazing show though, so I’m not complaining.

    tim – apologies, I can’t send the photos on – check the Brag next week!

    kim – I’m glad I finally got motivated enough to set one up. It’s kinda addictive.

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