A couple of weekends ago I dug up my Lomo LCA+ which I hadn’t used in ages and brought it with me on my various travels around the Paddington and Newtown areas. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried cross-processing 35mm slide film, so I was intrigued by the results – the look is so distinctive for this type of photography though, I think it’s definitely a challenge to try and come up with different, interesting-looking stuff.



  1. antzpantz

    Interesting shots. Love the vivid, yet cold colours of the cross-processing. I notice your lomo gives a bit of an inward pincushion?

  2. The LCA’s have a Minitar-1 32mm lens, but with extra bonus distortion for free. The coldness of the colours must have something to do with the C-41 cross-process, but I don’t know the chemistry behind it. All I know is I like it.

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