Salon Burlesque

A couple of weeks ago, I took on a photography project slightly different to the bands and film events that I’m usually blogging on about.

My friend Melissa, proprietress of the designer lingerie boutique Dirty Pretty Things asked if I would come along to shoot a new striptease class that she has put together with burlesque performer Rachel St. James called Salon Burlesque.

I knew absolutely nothing about burlesque striptease, besides having a vague recognition of the types of outfits and lingerie worn by the dancers, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

It was a fun evening. The emphasis of the class wasn’t so much on the striptease specifically, but more the entire experience – music, dancing, fancy costumes, cocktails… AND stripping. More like a very girly party, really. My Y chromosome felt a bit out of place.

Melissa Gallagher, hostess extraordinaire.

Gloves and feathers, tools of the burlesque trade.

I also took a quick snap of Melissa & Rachel in the Dirty Pretty Things change room.



  1. Burlesque is such an artform. I love it to bits. It takes real skill and sensuality to pull it off without being slutty. It is so exciting to see the confidence they exude and the total control they have of the crowd. All the women are lovely in their own right. You’ve capture the essence well there!

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