Photo Booth

When your birthday rolls around and it’s not one of the big ones like a 21st or 30th, you generally don’t expect there to be much of a fuss, present-wise.

So, I was completely floored last month when I received the most amazing birthday gift from my girlfriend, LTL – it’s a book, created using Blurb, containing a whole bunch of photos I’ve taken over the last year or two, intermixed with beautifully-written notes from my friends.

The feeling of opening this book for the first time and seeing how much effort had gone into making it, is something that I’ll never forget. A huge thank you to Chris, Andy, Paul, Daniel, and Kate… and an extra-special thank you to LTL, you are truly amazing.



  1. Ben

    Nice one, LTL. I got one of these printed for my girlfriend as a compendium of photos from our last trip overseas. It was done by Blurb too. It’s a stellar way to put all your photos in one place.

  2. Sando

    Mate! That is one hell of an awesome present – fantastic shots aswell man, I hope your keepin mightly fine – take care.

    ps – And Happy Birthday !

  3. Dan

    wow what an awesome & very personal gift, I’d always try to bring it out if I have guests over haha – ‘oh yeah did you know I’ve got a book out now!’

    looks awesome

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