Analog Spaces

These are some shots I’ve taken in the last couple of days with my new Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film SLR that I picked up on ebay.

Apart from some messing about with a lomo lca+, my original entry into the world of photography was completely digital, so it’s been an interesting experience learning about film, the intricacies of a vintage camera that’s pretty much devoid of bells and whistles, and also not having the instant gratification of the large Canon EOS 40D viewscreen.

I’m hoping this will help improve my shooting style – I’ve been making a conscious effort to think a bit more about what I’m trying to achieve before I click the button, and not taking multiple frames to make sure that I get the shot (well, not more than two anyway).

A rehearsal studio in Marrickville.

Bronte beach.

The stairwell of my building.

A recently-gutted shop at Bondi Junction.

Random tree.



  1. these are great will. some of the elements in these shots just can’t be recreated by the dynamic range lacking digital pieces we carry around.

    i won a medium format camera off ebay last week, it’ll hopefully be arriving early next week. the world of film, for me, is also a very foreign world.

  2. Kim

    These shots are really nice Will, especially of that ever so lonely Bondi Junction shop. I like the softness and contemplative ambience that you’ve captured.

    And I totally agree with you about the film vs digital thing – I’ve found that ever since buying my digital SLR I think a lot less about composing the shot because I have that insurance of being able to be completely photo happy as well as being able to immediately look at the results too. I also miss the satisfaction of developing your own film and printing shots in the dark room…

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