The Presets @ the Apple Store

The Presets played a free show last night down at the Apple Store in the Sydney CBD.

The store has a limited capacity, so I didn’t fancy my chances of getting in when I turned up around an hour and half before the show, and the line to get in was stretching right around the corner.

Sure enough, I was about 50 people behind the last people admitted – so I ended up watching from the street, which was pretty entertaining in itself, even if we could only barely hear the music through the soundproof glass. The mood among the crowd was a mixture of drunken excitement, disappointment, resentment towards security and the lucky peeps inside, and a manic determined urge to enjoy the less-than-ideal situation as much as possible.



  1. antzpantz

    Oh my gosh! 3rd photo- guy with camera and red crowd: The girl under the photographer’s camera is my friend Court! She travelled to Perth for the ARIAs then stayed there longer to catch this Presets show! Hah!

  2. I love the shots!!! if I have not read the blog, I would have taught that your in that place!
    The shots are very clear! and the glass effect was awesome! I could say that the moment was captured!

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