Dappled Cities @ The Famous Spiegeltent

Here are a few shots from last week’s Dappled Cities show for FBi 94.5 supporters at the Famous Spiegeltent. It was one of the band’s last shows for the year before heading off overseas again, and they played almost exclusively from their just-finished new album.

The Spiegeltent only has a small capacity, so it was an intimate show. It’s in town for a short season at the moment as part of its worldwide tour, hosting shows for various festivals and events. It’s currently set up on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.



  1. nice pics

    sooo disappointed I didn’t win tickets to this, it shouldn’t have been a random selection of supporters that got to go, it should have been based on who has the biggest crush on dappled dave!

  2. Hi There
    Stumbled upon your link while on Lee’s page.

    Your foto’s are awesome! What do you use?
    I went to see Bloc Party at the Hordern Pavillion last night, sooo spewing i forgot bring my zoom lense!!!

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