Two Fists, One Heart

Last monday night, Popcorn Taxi screened new Australian boxing flick Two Fists, One Heart, and held a Q&A session afterwards featuring a whole bunch of people involved in the production.

The drill with Popcorn Taxi events is that I shoot the Q&A, and then head out back to try and grab a couple of candid snaps of the guests while the team wraps things up. Usually the guests are eager to leave, or are surrounded by publicists and various other people, so it’s difficult to do anything other than a quick group shot or photograph them signing the posters.

This time however, they were gracious enough to let me photograph them individually, portrait-style – I still had to be super-quick, and take the shots in the one location (a small private corridor that opens out to the candy bar at Greater Union Bondi Junction), and had barely any time to set up any kind of lighting. I used a 50mm prime lens, and I attached my Speedlite 580EX II (set to 1/16th power) to an off-camera shoe cord so I could hold it in my other hand for some directional light. All shots were taken at f/8, 1/125th second, ISO 400.

Rai Fazio. He wrote the film, and also plays the character ‘Nico’.


Daniel Amalm. Star of the film, he plays main character ‘Anthony Argo’.


Jessica Marais. She plays ‘Kate’, boxing non-enthusiast.


Tim Minchin. Very funny fellow, he had a hand in the writing and also plays ‘Tom’.


Shawn Seet. Director.


Here’s the trailer for the film – it’s released nationally on March 19th.


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