In my quest to branch out a bit from just doing live music photos and events, I’m currently doing a course in studio lighting at the Australian Centre for Photography.

It’s being taught by the awesome Josef Geranio, and covers all aspects of lighting a shot – daylight, tungsten, studio flash, off-camera strobe, torchlight, gels, gobos, softboxes, cycs, snoots, and all the other paraphernalia that goes with creating images. I’m about halfway through, and learning a lot.

This was my first assignment from a couple of weeks back, an exercise in using daylight in different ways. I employed the services of my friend Krista, who kindly agreed to dig out her wedding dress (yep) and run around Fox Studios with a bubble blower for me.




  1. Duuuuude – well good work mate!

    What’s the course like? I’ve considered jumping on board for a while, just don’t have much confidence in the off-camera stuff (so wondering how technical it starts at)

    • Thanks Joel. The course is really great, very laidback, but quite comprehensive. It’s focused more on practical work than theory, which I prefer – learning while doing is always better. It’s equal parts technical and creative, for example we’ve been learning to use light meters to get our ratios correct, but then trying lots of different combinations to figure out what feels right.

  2. colsnews

    hey man, really love these photos! well done. good luck with the rest of the course. also love the ones a few posts ago in the black & white.

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