Clipper Cafe

Here are a few photos I took while visiting Clipper Cafe in Glebe, recently. I’ve only eaten there once, but the experience was so good it was enough to shoot the place right up into my top five favourite Sydney breakfast joints (possibly even surpassing the previously unbeatable Ruby’s Diner).

Tasty, familiar breakfast food with a unique twist; a breezy, unpretentious atmosphere and a lovely waitress (Helena, pictured below) – all boxes ticked.

Click here to read Lee Tran Lam’s much more eloquent and insightful review over at The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Hungry.












  1. Lovely photos, you could put me out of a job!

    Looks like a nice place to eat too, i’ll have to check it out. Or perhaps we could go there next time instead of Deus.

  2. Thomas Diakomichalis

    Yeah tasty pics Will- saw this place a couple of weeks ago and almost walked in, will do next time now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bella

    great shots… This place is awesome for vegetarians. I can never decide between the eggplant dish or the homemade baked beans with haloumi.. yum!

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