sydney music // cubisteffects

cubisteffects is the brainchild of Sydney-based guitar effects pedal maestro Christian Moraga. Christian breaks pedals down to their raw component form – then modifies, rebuilds and transforms them into something new.

“It’s all about changing an effect pedal or instrument from its original design to something unique – to extract sounds and tones from it that no-one else has. Musicians, and guitarists especially, are obsessed with their sound. They either need the latest pedal to have a sound no-one else has, or the oldest guitar/amp with lots of ’60s mojo to emulate their rock’n’roll heroes. Modification and circuit-bending allows every guitarist to have this by altering the pedal’s DNA.”

“For me, it’s important to get a feel of who I am modding the pedal for… I won’t be making a noise-maker for a guitarist who plays country music. Likewise, I won’t be making a ‘60s inspired fuzz for a metal player. It’s just important to have an understanding of the genre of music as it is to have the electronics knowledge.”

“In the near future I would like to take this further and make original cubisteffects designs, with the same vision as I do mods/bending. I’d like to work with local artists and musicians, and collaborate to make something unique, something very Sydney.”



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