Polaroid Japan

Polaroids from my recent trip to Japan.
Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Naoshima.



    • I’m not sure if there is anywhere in Sydney that sell it over the counter – I ordered mine direct from the Impossible Project website. I also buy expired original T-Z Artistic Polaroid film from Ebay, although it’s getting expensive nowadays ($30 a pack).

  1. Sando

    These are awesome Will – are they impossible project film? I went to their gallery when I was in NY and picked up a bunch of film. They had some sweeeeet framed polaroid enlargements.

    • Thanks Sando! I used expired TZ-Artistic film for these shots (hence the chemical blemishes and general blurriness), which I bought off eBay. I have some of the new Impossible Project Push film, but haven’t had much success with it to be honest – the shots are always blown-out or weird looking. I went to the IP shop in Tokyo, such a cool space – like the NY gallery, they had some fantastic enlargements hanging up. I didn’t know you were a Pola fan? We need to catch up.

  2. jbot

    These are awesome Wil! Don’t know how I missed these… I’ve stocked up on a bunch of fuji ‘polaroid’ film and really don’t like it. It’s too clean. Hopefully polaroid gets cheaper……hah.. it has lovely layers/depth

    • Thanks Jon. Maybe if demand for the Impossible Project film goes up, then the price will come down. I just saw original Polaroid film advertised from an Australian outlet for $44 a pack! Ouch.

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